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Reviewed in Secret Magazine:


The SECRET Fetish Photo Anthology Vol. 5

PHOTO Jan 2007 (Francais)

Marquis Magazine (issue 40)

Secret Magazine (issue 30)

A Magazine (Italiano)

PHOTO Magazine (Francais)

Marquis Magazine (issue 36)
My Book: Silhouettes

It's available for sale here.

8x10 inches (20x25 cm) 158 pages
Hardcover $59.95
Softcover $53.95

Covering 7 years of my photographic work; these are more-or-less my favorite images, with the exception of a few pictures.

This has been half a year in the making. Considering that my last few experiences with book publishers and editors has been quite disenchanting, I figured I'd just come up with my own book and shop it around as a mock-up. Something to show them what an elaisted.com book would look like. So, it's not like a portfolio, it's more like a real book with all of the real effort put into it, but not published by a large publisher or available in stores. In the meantime, you get to buy a copy of it.

"I bought a copy of [Kevin's] newly self-published book Silhouettes, and I must say it's a must-own for any lover of erotic photography. Of course the quality of the photography is top-notch but what really stands out is the quality of the book itself. The black and white images in particular are very crisp and tonally well reproduced. I've always admired Kevin's work and am thrilled to finally have a tangible collection of his work. Get it NOW in case Blurb decides to pull it for adult content."
Steve Diet Goedde - http://stevedg.com

Model pictured above is Vienna La Rouge. All images are copyright © 1999 - 2010 elaisted.com