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The SECRET Fetish Photo Anthology Vol. 5

PHOTO Jan 2007 (Francais)

Marquis Magazine (issue 40)

Secret Magazine (issue 30)

A Magazine (Italiano)

PHOTO Magazine (Francais)

Marquis Magazine (issue 36)
The Last Frame

Cecci Dolores, Me and Janine

"The Last Frame" started out with a way to take a picture at the end of a shoot as sort of a memento. Something to remind me that I'm lucky to be doing what I do. Something that shows the kind of friendly relationships I create with the women I work with.

Since it's the last frame from the last roll of film from the shoot, it seems a little more precious than if it were any other frame from the film. There are no do-overs or retakes and no way of instantly knowing what's going to turn out. The timer only gives us ten seconds and then the shutter trips, sets off the lights and the film is exposed.

Most of the time, we'll grab a prop or two lying around in the room and think of a theme behind how we pose with the props. After doing a shoot in a bathroom, I might grab an umbrella from one of the strobe lights and open it up in the shower stall while the water is running. Most of the time, we'll give goofy faces for the camera. The intent is always a combination of sexy and comical. We'll practice our pose together one or two times, then I'll set off the timer and quickly get into place with the model.

When the picture is done, there's always a brief celebration. Just a little pat on the back or a recognition of a job well done.

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