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Date: February 17, 2012, 4:22 pm

From: Navneet:
Hi,I wenatd to order some organic bloom frames. I was wondering how much they are each? For example: a Single stack grey in the June for a 5 x 7? How long would it take to come in? I live in OKC.Thanks,Laura

Date: February 17, 2012, 11:36 pm

From: Farid:
I have been such a SLACKER! And look what I've msiesd! Such a fun idea to get your followers practicing on their own cameras! I totally want to get mine out! So proud of your month long goal. You have come so far! You rock girl.

Date: February 19, 2012, 9:44 pm

From: Andreia:
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Date: August 15, 2012, 8:30 am

From: Ari:
Rachel - About the bird It was not long before Jonas took this shot that I told him the story of my gaardfnther. Before he died when I was five he told me that he would come back to me as a seagull. This made perfect sense to me as I come from a family whose hearts belong to the sea. When Jonas showed me this image I began to cry and he hugged me. There is no doubt about his talent and ability to visualize a shot like this. He gave us no more direction other than Go over there and do what you have been doing. Yet it is his open heart and his connection to the people, the moments that let him capture something as incredible as this.

Date: March 2, 2014, 4:00 pm

From: Preeti:
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Date: April 26, 2016, 1:14 pm

From: Bobby:
Muhsine I hold you solely to blame for having bought yet another ELF haul (including buecpr/tetan eye cream shadow) AND for buying a NARS Plaisir blush from ebay, I'm supposed to be saving money!! Fat chance ;-) xx

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